Carlos Jaschek - Biography

Carlos Jaschek (1926-1999)

Carlos Jaschek (1926-1999)

Carlos Jaschek Memorial Award

You can find an extended biography of Carlos Jaschek online at BAAS obituary in the ADS.

The SEAC (Sociétè Européenne pour l Astronomie dans la Culture/European society for Astronomy in Culture) has established an award to encourage research into the relationships between astronomy and culture. It is named to commemorate the outstanding contributions of Carlos Jaschek who died April 1999, an emeritus professor of the University of Strasbourg (France), director of the Strasbourg Observatory and creator of the information centre for stellardata. He was a well-known astrophysicist who worked mainly with stellar physics and thetaxonomy of stellar spectra.

  • In 1992 he founded the Sociétè Européenne pour l Astronomie dans la Culture (SEAC), and since then the SEAC conferences have been held on a yearly basis: 1992 Strasbourg (SEAC 0), 1993 Smolyan (SEAC 1), 1994 Bochum (SEAC 2), 1995 Sibiu (SEAC 3), 1996 Salamanca (SEAC 4), 1997 Gdansk (SEAC 5), 1998 Dublin (SEAC 6), 1999 La Laguna (SEAC 7), 2000 Moscow (SEAC 8), 2001 Stockholm (SEAC 9), 2002 Tartu (SEAC 10), 2003 Leicester (SEAC 11), 2004 Kecskemet (SEAC 12), 2005 Isili (SEAC 13), 2006 Rhodes (SEAC 14), 2007 Kleipeda (SEAC 15), 2008 Granada (SEAC 16).

  • This Award was instituted in 2006, by the General Assembly of SEAC at Rhodes, Greece.

  • Carlos Jaschek dedicated himself to stimulating innovative concepts and methods that would serve to open up new understandings of the many and deep interactions between astronomy and culture. He therefore strived to create an interdisciplinary and multicultural dialogue among researchers from all over the world. His efforts became the basis of the work of SEAC.

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