Guidelines for conferences

The proposal should discuss the following issues:

  • Theme of Conference. Although usually SEAC conferences are not centred on specific topics, we encourage the organizers to propose a general subject of the conference.

  • Proposed time and location. Please specify the dates and venues, although we realize that minor changes may be necessary. Please remember that usually the SEAC conferences take place by the end of august or during the first week of September.

  • Proposed members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Although we encourage the participation of the scholars who have participated in past SEAC conferences, it is not a rule. In listing the members please include their addresses, institutional affiliations and professional status.

  • Institutional Sponsorship and support. This includes the letters from appropriate institutions which will sponsor or support the conference. Especially helpful will be any commitment to provide support in services, stuff and on eventual financial assistance extended to those participants unable to attend the meeting on their own.

  • Facilities. Please, discuss the facilities for the scholarly sessions, lodging and meals, and other facilities.

  • Local sites of Archaeoastronomical Significance. Please discuss the eventual plans for excursions to nearby museums or sites.

  • Cost. Please, provide your best estimates of the cost of the conference per individual, including registration fees, lodging and meals, and excursions.

  • Publication. Please describe your plans for publication, including potential publishers.

  • Please, remember that in agreement with the resolutions accorded at the 1997 annual Meeting, the titles of papers submitted to the Committee should be accompanied by extensive abstract and evaluated by the specially created ad hoc committee of experts. Also, the presentation of the paper at the Conference does not guarantee its' "automatic" publication.

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